Strip 0019 – Off to the Big Lunchbox in the Sky

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled storyline, but with the news of Hostess shutting down after 85 years, I felt that I had to throw in my own tribute (or last dig, depending on your point of view). Actually, I didn’t grow up eating as many Hostess products as my peers. I had to make do with Hostess’s cheaper cousin Little Debbie and generic brands of snack cakes. However, I do have fond memories of buying a pack of Zingers from the Student Union to help me get through my Film History classes! Ah the memories!

Actually, my favorite memories of Hostess and their contributions to popular culture are those one page ads they used to put in comic books where Spider Man stops Doc Ock with Hostess Fruit Pies and other such pastry-themed heroics. Here is an article that compiles some of the better Hostess ads

So next week, you’ll get to see Tech Support Monkey’s lightsaber. Unless the news drops another pop-culture bombshell on us again!

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