Strip 0014 – Bankruptcy N’ You

So, despite the rabid buzz that is building over the launch of the Nintendo Wii-u next month, I won’t be in line to buy one. One. Living off a writer’s paycheck, I have come up with a couple of strategies to deal with my lust for video gaming.

First, I am always a generation behind as I currently enjoy playing my XBOX and PS-2 library (Resident Evil 4 is awesome, BTW!!). I admit that I do have a Wii but I am looking forward to the latest Wii games dropping in price as the next generation comes out.

My other strategy is one that I use to keep the strip (and my family life) running smoothly. That is the weekend gaming bender. I pick a weekend where I do nothing but play games, and this seems to help keep me from playing constantly, which I probably would if I didn’t have to worry about bills, mortgage, food, et. al.

Stu, on the other hand, has to have the latest gaming technology. This is why Master-Debt is pulling the “Game Card”.

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