Strip 0001 – Motivation

This strip is a condensed version of the one that I originally created way back in 2004. At the time I was frustrated that my animation career was going nowhere and I had just “celebrated” my fifth year in the technical support field (my day job). Add to that the mounting credit card debt I was carrying and I was feeling very depressed. At the time, I figured the only way to hold onto my sanity was to draw my frustrations in comic form. Out of that night sprung Tech Support Monkey who has been in my head ever since.

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When I worked helpdesk for a global financial company’s *internal* helpdesk, the guy who trained had gotten one of those phone calls, and she was *serious*!

And worked with other peoples’ money!

He directed her to “the big long button on the bottom row in the middle of the keyboard”. She pressed it, it worked! He told her, “That’s the “any” key”. True story!

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