Strip 0012 – Bankrupt Morals

And you thought this would be a long and well-thought out series that explores the nuances of competitive level Scrabble…Nah! Just a cheap way to get Stu to say the “B” word!

Besides, Stu and Master Debt are hardly playing by NASPA rules. Words like USB and Overlimit are not allowed! Also, Bankruptcy is one letter longer than the longest words you can make in a game. Although oddly enough Linux is acceptable, (I looked it up).

If you are interested (or are having trouble sleeping) check out this long and detailed FAQ on competitive Scrabble.


You may adjust colors of the links. They’re hardly visible on my 22 inch 16:10 screen running at 1680×1050 resolution and connected to my (t)rusty GeForce 9600 GT.

I noticed that ‘bankruptcy’ is too long, but figured he just built on ‘bank’ which would be a no brainer for Master Debt to put down. ;)

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